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Creating Positive Change

Guided by intuition, my inner gifts and the knowledge I gained throughout my professional carrier, I create a better forever.
Focusing on circularity in the economy (outer ecosystem) and on the inner cycle (inner ecosystem) for true sustainability. Through somatic movement  and vision work, I create a positive climate change from within. Together with my business network, I research solutions to prevent global warming.

HW Kollektion


 I love to try and foresee the future. I look into concepts such as; eco humanism, regenerative leadership and I am deeply rooted in the wisdom of my body and in an earth spirituality.

Daniela Hochmuth by HAGOLANI at Ecstatic Dance_


Move your body-mind and your life from inside out.

Daniela by Peter Korren

True Passion

Shine your light and share your gifts.



We are the climate of change.

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