Riding and filming on local mountains within the reach of 30 kilometers. A filmer portraying a women's story with snowboarding. Freeing yourself from obligations.


A movie about sustainability, female empowerment, and positive change.

Ashley and Dani met through a mutual friend Sarah Symmes - the Production Assistant for their film - and started to connect through social media.

Bonding over their connection, the love for snowboarding - Dani riding for Jones Snowboards and Ash finding inspiration in Jeremy Jones movie series Deeper, Further, Higher – they quickly decided to shoot a movie of their own.

I met up with Ash to talk a little bit about their journey, his and Dani’s connection and life in general.


Ashley Wiggins is a producer, filmer and music producer from Hemel Hempstead (about 30 minutes north of London).

Living in Innsbruck the past 5 years and co-creating the video series

“Epic Innsbruck” he truly loves living in this mountain town he now calls home.

Growing up amongst women he has a strong connection with female empowerment – which is why he shot “Dance With Us” a movie that very clearly brings this message across.


Dani is a professional snowboarder, mountain girl, yoga lover and a clothing designer. Originally from Upper Austria the love for snow & the Alps led her to Innsbruck.

Her passion for the environment, the actions she takes for it – that’s the change she wants to see in the world.

Dani lives in Aldrans, a little town overlooking Innsbruck. Recovering from being caught in an avalanche last winter the view of the sun setting behind Nordkette every day helped her get through these rough times.

It was also this very mountain, she shares a special connection with, where she had her first life-changing powder tree run years ago. The first day of filming for her very own movie “Dance With Us” also took place at Nordkette – which is why it is very moving to her, that the premiere on Friday is on this mountain that helped her recover.

Both of them were at the edge of overworking themselves when they first met. Adding another project to their to do lists might have sounded crazy, but it actually helped them realize how worthy their own wellbeing is and as the movie progressed so did their minds. Working on the movie caused positive change in their own lives.

It is more than just a snowboard movie, it’s a homage to life and the beauty and variety this country has to offer.

Furthermore, the proudly announced partnership with Connection Movement’s movie Yūgen which will be screened at further stops on their European tour.


Dance with us is having its premiere on Friday, September 28th at the Silent Cinema Movie event at Seegrube from 19:00. Attention! Bring warm clothes and a good friend! The road to Hungerburg will be closed from 13:30 to 18:00, it is best to go up with the Hungerburg train from the Congress station, there is a bus running back down to the city afterwards.

Join us for a celebration of mountains, snowboarding, dancing, music, and laughter!

... open up and dance with us.

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