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#peoplewhorize - the movie

People Who Rize presents four athletes (Manuela Mandl, Dani Vonach, Simon Winkler and Darren Swift) who seek refuge in the mountains to feel alive, to get freedom and to overcome fear and negativity. Their experiences and philosophy inspires other people to rise above life's challenges, no matter how extreme they are. 

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Filmed in the Austrian Alps, mostly in the Innsbruck region, filmmaker Ashley Wiggins documents the highs and lows of these four riders.


Screenplay and theme song lyrics written Daniela Hochmuth. Crystal Clear Completeness sang by Maria Posch. All music recorded and produced by Ashley Wiggins.


Producer, Director, Camera, Editor, Music: Ashley Wiggins

Screenplay: Daniela Hochmuth

Additional filming: Daniel Coffey, Dani Vonach, Thomas Stanglechner, Paul Challis

Riders: Manuela Mandl, Dani Vonach, Simon Winkler, Darren Swift, Ellie Challis, Daniela Hochmuth, Ashley Wiggins

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