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 I*m creating Innovative + Ecological Clothing Concepts
I*m guiding change!
Through Talks, Concepts & Products Development.
My intention is to guide people into a more sustainable lifestyle through awareness and connection. 

You cannot solve problems with the same process in which you created them! I am a real individualist and maverick. You give me a problem and I will give you a solution.


In the last 14 years I have gained vast knowledge, including and not limited to a wide range of experience with sewing,  product development, and product managment.

To add to my experiencial knowledge, I recieved my Masters in Product Managment, Fashion and Textiles at the Swiss Textile College in Zürich.

Furthermore I give lectures on future markets in sporting goods & sports fashion. Currently I am working as a sales area manager for ABS Airbags and PYUA Ecorrect Outerwear.

With my creativity I can guide your company to be a the best it can be. 

With my voice I will tell the world 

I am here to support:

  • Companies focusing on functional clothing as well as on lifestyle products.

  • Public institutions, such as fashion & summer schools, marketing colleges & universities.

  • Politically motivated organizations from all backgrounds.




Hier gibt es gerade nichts zu buchen. Schaue bald wieder vorbei!
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