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A short film by Ashley Wiggins and Dani Hochmuth to be entered into film festivals in Europe and screened on there own DanceWithUs movie-tour.
This is not a standard snowboard movie, it is a movie about:
- snowboarding, freeriding, yoga, acro yoga, dance, music and creativity
- the paradise that surrounds Innsbruck
- celebrating the mountains and the mountain community
- inspiring locals to play around in their own backyard and visitors to take care of their holiday home
- creating positive change for the environment
The two creators Ashley Wiggins and Dani Hochmuth explored the areas in and around Innsbruck within a 30km radius.
Ashley is a filmmaker, music producer and DJ. Dani a pro Snowboarder (Pyua eccorect clothing, Jones Snowboards, etc.) passionate Acro Yogini and former President of Protect Our Winters Austria.
The idea to show what is possible, without going far from the city. On their adventure with friends (Sarah Symmes, Verena Wohlrab, Kathi Kasper), they hit the slopes of Stubai Glacier, carved the back country of Nordkette, splitboarded to Obernberger Lake and absorbed the surrounding beauty of this wonderful land.
"I snowboard at my best when I feel like I'm dancing down the mountain." - Dani Hochmuth Get out there, play around, have fun and simply enjoy mother nature!
Open up and #dancewithus.
The final movie will be available to view in Autumn 2018. If you or your organisation would like to support this movie, please contact office[at]
This is the first work from this creative duo and the first of three movies already planned.
Music by Ashley Wiggins
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